It takes 100 ninja to properly celebrate the 100th post on Vintage Ninja!

Since going live in June, enthusiastic response from readers and thousands of visits from every continent on the globe have given me a real sense of connecting with like-minded fans. I haven’t even done much to promote or cross-market the site, either. Its all been word-of-E-mouth from great folks like you, and I humbly thank everyone who posts links and retweets and whatnot.

There are ninja sites all over, but few of those if any are for people looking for the real Japanese source, or want to read about the 80’s media with a sense of respect instead of irony and irreverence. No knock against the Robert Hamburgers or black-pajama-ed YouTube advice columnists of the world, but it seems there are way too many people giggling and chuckling at old ninja movies than actually appreciating them.

Furthermore, at a time when “ninja” is being redefined as super-powered rave kids in snowboarding wear or bed-headed teen idols doing digitally enhanced Chinese martial arts, I think the world needs more reminders of the black-hooded idiom that goes back centuries.

So if I can turn even a small percentage of the fan base of the ‘new ninja’ onto Shinobi no Mono, and remind those of us old enough to have seen a Kosugi flick in a theater how great that feeling of the 80’s craze was, then I’m a happy publisher.

Stay tuned for the next 100!

Keith J. Rainville



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In celebration of Halloween, all posts this month feature SCARY SHINOBI, DEMON-MASKED ASSASSINS and  NINJA VS. MONSTERS!!!

Three to five times a week we’ll be assaulting you with images of swordsmen riding giant toads, shinobi superheroes battling sponge-suit creatures and goblin-masked sword-girls in scantily clad misadventures.

AND you will witness the life-changing, perception-altering amazingness that is… NINJA VS. YETI! Consider yourselves warned.


For those of you visiting VN for the first time, thanks for checking things out. Check the latest posts list on the left of your screen, or mouse of any of the sliding doors above for categories chock full of super rare press kit photos, screen caps of obscure movies, amazing old books, antique merch and shadow-inspired art.


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