Best/Worst dojo posters ever

There’s a line of ninja posters out there that may have originated in the craze era, but may also be a lot newer. Either way, they carry the spirit of the 80s mail order gear boom in every cheesy way one could hope for.

Weapons right out of a Chinatown video/cell phone accessory shop, fake office plants for environment, what’s not to love here? I’ve seen some of this line in stores recently, so even if they are vintage images, they’re still being reproduced by someone somewhere. Keep it up, whoever you are, you’re doing the lord’s work…

Is the guy on the left about to commit testicular seppuku or what? And I’m sorry, double boomerangs is so beyond awesome I cannot even deal!

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Posted in Collectibles 3 years, 4 months ago at 1:59 am.

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  1. Obviously the last guy is Australian Ninja.

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