Name the KUROZUKIN actor…

No, this isn’t a contest or anything, I’m just stumped on who this is playing the oft-filmed Black Hood and what year it’s from:

Of course, it could also be one of the myriad Kurama Tengu, as well…


Thanks to VN readers Daitora and Alex2525 for the translations – that is indeed a very young Ryutaro Otomo, who I barely recognize. Much more familiar with his mid-to-latter career and more square-jawed mature appearance.


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  1. daitora Aug 11th 2011

    That’s Ryutaro Otomo for the movie kurozokin

    on the photo there is his name :
    Otomo Ryutaro san ( san for mister )

  2. Alex2525 Aug 11th 2011

    The text in the bottom right appears to identify this actor as Ryūtarō Ōtomo,

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