Ninja sliding puzzle

The art is surprisingly good on this mid-to-late 80s sliding puzzle. Although why he’s holding that tanto backwards is beyond me. Check out the others in the assortment, not missing a genre, and getting progressively… stranger. 70s porn Rambo I … Continued

80s porcelain statues

This line of rather poorly sculpted and often more poorly painted porcelain statues was EVERYWHERE during the 80s craze – Chinatown video shops, flea market vendors, martial arts supply stores, the Smithsonian’s souvenir stand, ball park peanut vendors, the Automat … Continued


This articulated “Romando” figure is from the famed wrestling manga/anime property Kinnikuman, better known here as M.U.S.C.L.E. Great character design for this ring-sport shinobi. These 6-8″ versions of the bizarre wrestlers were produced in the mid-2000s for the 25th anniversary … Continued