Shinobi trike

This one is probably late 80’s, but you still see generic wind-up and battery-op toys like this, crudely shinobi-fied, at Southern California swap meets, Florida flea markets, dirt mall dealers and curbside vendors in NYC all the time.

Resin Commandos

Scored a weird little trio of plastic or low-grade modeller’s resin castings of shinobi a few years back, no manufacturer details alas. I’m guessing the 2.5″ ninja were scoped up from some much smaller lead gaming figure original, as the … Continued

Generic Ninja

We’ll wrap-up a month of toys and merch with a look at some nameless, non-property-based ninja toys from the 80’s. Wind-up toys sold in subway stops or off swap-meet blankets, supermarket tchotchkes, vending capsule minatures, even cake-toppers – these are … Continued

Hasbro NINJA galore on eBay!

While Hasbro’s “Storm Shadow” from the GI Joe line is easily the most prolific ninja toy produced during the 80’s craze (permutations are still best-sellers today), the same company later released the non-property-based Ninja Warriors: Enemies of Evil line. Dojo … Continued

Strange little Russian ninja

More Russian stuff! I picked up this set of 2″ tall plastic shinobi a few years ago, they’re from one of several Russian manufacturers of property-derivative (but not property-based) toy soldiers. These sit somewhere between the lead miniature gaming realm … Continued