Yep, let’s just throw the term KOGA around…

Merchandisers love VARIETY of offerings and EXCLUSIVITY of products at the same time. But above all else, they love a healthy PROFIT MARGIN.

To those ends, you see ads like this one from the mid 80s a lot. Take the basic black uniform you currently offer, add some cheapo extra pockets, liberally borrow a region name from history to differentiate your stuff from the next guy’s, and blammo – “The Koga Combat Ninja Uniform.”

The inclusion of free bang-snaps and a light stick must have made this irresistible. I’m thinking that dart hidden at the convergence of neck and spinal column might not have been the best idea, though…

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Posted in Art and Advertising and History and Martial Arts 3 years, 8 months ago at 2:57 pm.


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  1. Raven Apr 9th 2012

    Awesome, I remember seeing these being sold in “Ninja” magazine back in the 80′s.
    Always remembered it being grey though instead of black.

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