VN’s scribe and slave in his prized 40+ year old gorilla suit. That’s famous monster movie landmark Bronson Cave in the background. (Photo by Jodi Wylie).

Vintage Ninja is the labor of love of Los Angeles-based  FROM PARTS UNKNOWN publisher/designer Keith J. Rainville. A pioneer of Mexican lucha libre pop-culture in the English-speaking world for the past 20 years or so, his other masked love — all things NINJA — goes back a good three decades. His indie-publishing, design and consulting career can be described by the movie trailer-like phrase “Lucha vs. Ninja: Who Will Win?” and so far, the jury is still out…

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Rain-geek’s partner in crime, technical advisor and shadow soul brother since the seventh grade Tim (TV) March is a career martial artist and renowned fire-eater. See for yourself here. If you’re in the Atlanta, GA or Greenville, SC areas, you’re bound to run into him – look for the blue-haired guy on stilts!


If for some reason you’ve cared enough to make it this far, your reward is some proof of the publisher’s dork-like obsession, uh… depth of research through acquisition of vintage assets. Yeah. Check out the current state of the VN home/office: