I’m not a video game fan, but I do appreciate the classic character design and old-school design sensibilities of the new multi-platform game Mini Ninjas. Dang, I just appreciate the hell out of any new ninja property that doesn’t have its shinobi dressed in rave wear, breakdancing outfits, or ski and skate gear…





Lions, pythons and ninja… OH MY!


LOST this auction on eBay years ago… still bitter!

A great 80’s poster for a British touring circus, centered on some sort of ninja show. Maybe some trapeeze folk and acrobats in black pajamas with swords in their belts, or a blindfolded knife thrower who upgraded to shuriken?

What kid in the 80’s wouldn’t have killed to go to this? Damn!

“Ninjas All Over the Place”

TORMENT is not having enough wall space to display all the cool art and vintage posters in your collection, and friends, I am a tormented soul. I’ve got enough ninja movie posters to wallpaper my place twice over, more than half of which are in storage. So, I can’t even let myself make eye contact with amazingness like this:



Scott Campell‘s “Ninjas All Over the Place” (this link goes to a blog post from the artist with multiple close-ups) was done for the superb Gallery Nucleus, specifically their 2007 ninja art show.  This piece shows both a knowledge of the film genre (some Magic Serpent-y critters in there) and classic Japanese art.

The original sold for $2800, but 42×12″prints can be had for $150 here. (prices posted as a not-so-subtle hint to any potential readers out there looking for a christmas gift for someone like… ME!)

Do a search of the word “ninja” in the Nucleus home page header, and you’ll get a page with tons of available originals and prints. I like this Khang Le print, a very affordable 13×19″ version of which is for sale here.


Campell is a great artist, and a search through his blog will prove it. Nucleus did the ninja show in 2005 and 2007, here’s hoping for another.

Chinese flyer for “Black Ninja”

Sepia-tone 2-sided flyer for the Ryutaro Otomo ninja vehicle Maboroshi Kurozukin Yamine Toku-Kage (can’t confirm that title or translate, although the words for black hood, phantom, and shadow are in there…) from Singapore – possibly late 60’s?




Enjoy some whacked-out ‘Chingrish’ below:


That image above looks a lot like the live-action Iga no Kagemaru film, or perhaps just an identical costume?

I haven’t seen this film, but I’m dying to know who the “Bat Swordsman” is, if he uses bats in combat, and what the scorpion relation is…

Here’s a Japanese poster for the same. Check out that tsuba-less sword on the left! You gotta have sack to weild a weapon like that, as you pretty much eliminate a lot of kendo’s defenses from an opposing sword.


Mexican lobby card – Ninja in the Dragon’s Den

It never really breached the Times Square grindhouse and werewolf circuits here in the States, but the Hong Kong / Japanese co-production Ninja in the Dragon Den was certainly an international hit.

Here’s some totally original painted artwork from the Mexican release. Most international ad campaigns for the film centered on either of the two matinee idols involved – Henry Sanada and Conan Lee, and where their names didn’t mean as much, it was photos of Sanada’s superb ninja costuming that carried the ads.

But in Mexico, they often opted for totally original art.