Kumiko Aso in RED SHADOW

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2001s Red Shadow (aka Akakage) is the sort of remake/adaptation that watches fine if you are TOTALLY unfamiliar with the source property. That way, you’re not aware of the squandered opportunity for a modern digital-age superhero ninja vs. monster romp.

Ignorance can be bliss though, especially when the costumes are this cool. And like or hate this movie based on your literacy of its tokusatsu roots, who can argue with the replacement of the annoying kid with a hot kunoichi in leather and fishnets?

These scans are from the somewhat poorly photographed studio press book, although the photographer over-lighting the subjects does bring out some of the great textures and details of these video game-inspired costume updates.

What happens to props like this? Is it on the director’s lawn or floating in the producers pool or something? Or maybe some prop house is saving it for re-purposing in an Inframan remake?

OK, it’s official Kumiko Aso… you’re CUTE!