McMunn prints

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Circa January, 1982, H. McMunn of New York sold two things: 17×22″ art prints and vicious caltrops. I’ve never sen these prints, or even good repros or scans of them, but I’m really curious about that one on top in what looks to be some sort of treasure room guarded by a giant anaconda.

As for ‘tetsu-bishi’ – Japanese caltrops – it’s one of those weapons that can only be unsafe. There’s no training version of these sole-takers, and even the poorest-made sharpened ‘jacks’ will tear your feet up if stepped on. They are one of the simplest and most effective escape tools ever devised, and I KNOW! One night back in the craze-80s, Tim threw toy jacks all over my bedroom rug, and I found out the hard way how much even a blunt toy KILLS when you step on it barefoot. Yeah, that’s my bestest pal ever people…