Ninja Boomerang – so close but yet so far…

Made a trip out recently to a mainstay of martial retail in SoCal, Valley Martial Arts. They’ve always got something weird and exotic, with plenty of non-catalog-familiar merch. Plus you have a decent chance of running into a famous practitioner, stunt choreographer or actor shopping there.

I’ve been going to VMA for a decade, and every time I’m in there I ask them to sell me a dusty old relic stuck to the wall above the entrance – THE NINJA BOOMERANG!

But it’s no use – the display dates back to the 80’s, a time capsule from the ninja boom, and a lot of that stuff is long extinct. Can’t say I blame them for clinging to a real piece of history – I certainly would – but damn do I want that cheap piece of ninja-sploitation crap!!!

Oh Ninja Boomerang! You phantom leftover from an era when stenciling ‘ninja’ on anything and everything made it sell better. Is there another one of you out there, having survived the 80s, waiting for a new home… MY HOME?


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