Resin Commandos

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Scored a weird little trio of plastic or low-grade modeller’s resin castings of shinobi a few years back, no manufacturer details alas. I’m guessing the 2.5″ ninja were scoped up from some much smaller lead gaming figure original, as the sculpts are rather primitive.

Not much to write home about with these, other than this is probably the only ninja figure I’ve seen using the legendary ‘bucket-foot’water crossing method.

I’ve never put much faith in this, the “water-spider” shoes or the inflatable bag raft gadgets immortalized in lore, books and Japanese tourist centers. They all seem cumbersome, precarious, noisy and generally dopey ways to negotiate water. Ninja parks have water-spider shoes made of modern flotation device materials, and they still barely function…

THESE however, are totally legit and tactically devastating!

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