Some ninja blood over at ‘Sangre Yakuza’

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Sangre Yakuza is an excellent Spanish-language blog full of Japanese gang-war movie posters, topless sukebans, tattoo’d girls in bondage (like the above kunoichi-esque bandit about to get abused), and karate-kickin’ honeys.

And lo-and-behold some sword-slinging shinobi once in a while…

There’s also plenty of sci-fi, kaiju and tokusatsu (particularly panty shots), so something for everyone over there.

Meanwhile, we’ve got the first update in 7-8 months from the excellent photo blog Asian Drill Pop. Let’s hope they keep it up and start updating the rest of the family – Ultra Guro and Blonde Zombies.

And of course there’s always great stuff to dig through over at Wrong Side of the Art.