Something I bought for myself LAST Christmas…

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When you’re a niche geek within an already geeky niche you tend to do your own gift shopping. My session of retail therapy last holiday season was these:

While I’m not the biggest tokusatsu fan out there, I do like the brazen absurdist nature of Akakage, and its importance in the ninja TV pantheon goes without saying. This set of 4-5″ retro-styled vinyl figures was produced in 2000 by Marmit.

'Red Shadow' himself is the tamest of the three. That pompador should be a lot more pronounced in front.
Shirokage is a nice sculpt, one of the only MAKI FUYUKICHI licensed toys ever produced.
Nice as it is, this sculpt of Aokage doesn't nearly capture what an annoying little shit he is on the show...
A nice touch was this stand/background prop in the form of Shirokage's spy kite.

I only wish there was a gigantic toad head for them to pose on, or some of the kaiju produced in larger scale.

This will be my last post before Christmas, so happy holidays everyone!