VN’s Japanese Ninja Movie & TV Guide is HERE!

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At over 50 pages and even more titles (with more to come on the to-be-entered stack), loaded with visuals and recommendations, here’s your singular resource on Japanese ninja movies and TV from the silent era to the booms of the 1960s and 1980s.

Just click here or the image below and away you go…

Titles so far include: Castle Of Owls, Demon Spies, Female Ninja Magic, Female Ninja: In Bed With The Enemy, The Golden Ninja, Henshin Ninja Arashi, Jiraiya The Brave, Kabamaru The Ninja Boy, Kagemaru Of Iga, Kaiketsu Lion Maru/ Fuun Lion Maru, Lone Wolf & Cub, Magic Serpent, Mirai Ninja, Mission Iron Castle, Moonshadow Ninja Scroll: Twenty-One Eyes, Ninja Bugeicho, The Ninja Hunt, Ninja Wars, Ninja’s Mark: The Secret Of The Fylfot, Ninja’s Weapon, Onmitsu Doshin: The Edo Secret Police / Oedo  Sosamo, The Red Shadow, Renegade Ninjas, The Samurai, Samurai Spy, Sarutobi  Sasuke Senjogadake No Himatsuri, Sasuke And His Comedians, The Scroll’s Secret, Seventeen Ninja / Seventeen Ninja 2: The Great Battle, Shadow Hunters / Echo Of Destiny: Shadow Hunters Ii, Shadow Warriors: Kage No Gundan, Shinobi No Mono (series), Shogun’s Ninja, Shogun’s Samurai, The Third Ninja, Torawakamaru The Koga Ninja, Ukyonosuke On Patrol / Ukyonosuke’s Reverse Ichimonji Cut, Warring Clans, Warrior Of The Wind, Watari The Ninja Boy, World Ninja War Jiraiya, Yagyu Chronicles (series), Yagyu Secret Scrolls I & II

This is presented in the sincerest hope that you all discover some vintage shinobi cinema you wouldn’t otherwise have, or to at least demonstrate the incredible depth of what is often considered too insubstantial a genre.


Keith J. Rainville, July 2021