Wizards in theatre masks (part 1)

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I have a non-subbed copy of a movie called¬†Ninjutsu Suikoden Inazuma Kotengu, and boy is this a nifty little flick! I know it’s from 1958, Toei Studios, directed by Masaharu Matsumura, starring Chiyonosuke Azuma and Yumiko Hasegawa… and NOTHING else.

But, this being the height of Masks and Monsters Month, here’s a couple dozen caps of the coolest masked scenes:





Optical effects in this movie represent magic breaking the physical planes of time and space. Wizards come and go with swirling kalliedescopes of color. Several confrontations take place in other-worldly dreamscapes and shadow dimensions. And the masks seem to empower the sorcerers to greater good and evil.


Dunno who this guy is, but I do know that he 1.) has a killer wardrobe, 2.) is up to no good, and 3.) has shadow sorcery skills, judging from that ninjutsu hand gesture.
The old 'walking out of a tree' gag is as old as the optical printer, and works just fine.
Notice his prisoner on the far right...
That's a cute-as-a-muffin kunoichi with the power to transform into a dove or a tarantula, both handy in her role as a spy for the evil wizard.



Seems she tries to defy her naughty boss and go legit, but he's having none of it, and things don't end well for her alas.

Tomorrow, more masks and magic from this film, and a cameo by a creature favorite!