The self proclaimed “Internet Ninja Movie Database From Hell”

And who’s to argue with that claim, once you see the rather staggering array of foreign video packaging for ninja movies assembled on this French-language newsgroup. Wow…

BAD NINJAS: Is that Blue Thunder in the background? And is that trenching tool really going to help in the fight against the local post-apocalyptic warlord? And what of BORN A NINJA, wherein more wasteland warriors pick on poor ninja, with a she-version of Manimal looking on even!

Wow, is MASTER SAMURAI actually BLOOD OF HEROES? And what is that garden implement thingy???

Well-collected mon freres!!!

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Posted in Film and TV 2 years, 8 months ago at 1:09 am.

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  1. Robert Apr 3rd 2012

    I wonder if the Bad Ninjas would defeat the Bad Dudes, if they worked for the Dragon Ninja. will probably be awesome (Shank 2 was).

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