A Force of… FUN???

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I highly recommend tooling around the excellent Wrong Side of the Art poster archive, particularly the martial arts section. You come across oldies but goodies like this Chuck Norris classic:

NOW, from the same site, take a look at this fantastic knock-off of the above:

“The Mystery, the Thrill, the Excitement, the Fun”  THE FUN?!?!?

I don’t know if there actually are any large breasted women out there who would consider “fun” being abducted by the ninjas, having your head shaved, body tattooed then stuck with needles… BUT if there are, I am definitely available for dating.

I haven’t seen Dragon Force, or at least under that title, but I have to believe Bruce Baron being the star means this is one of those Hong Kong ‘cut-togethers’ of the Joseph Lai / IFD ilk, like this clip:

Guaranteed the psychotronic promise of this poster was totally unfulfilled by the movie itself. Anyone out there have Dragon Force in any form?

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