A Tonbei-esque 1:6 kitbash

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Fooling around with some sixth-scale stuff last weekend, put together this Tonbei the Mist-like kitbash:

I have all sorts of 1:6 shinobi cluttering my place, but I always wanted to do an elder suppa figure, a crafty old spy. And while the grey suit is common to television series and movies like Samurai Spy and Samurai Fiction, no one had really done one in the toy field, so it was off to work I went.

Maki Fuyukichi, center, as Tonbei the Mist - TVs most popular ninja (in two countries, too). I think the Ignite sixth-scale suit I used here is better made than the cheap TV suits back in the day...
And that's Kei Tani as an homage to Tonbei and ilk in SAMURAI FICTION.

The grocery list of frankensteined parts for your hobby enthusiasts:

  • Body and head: Gamitoy “Callous Soldier” Dr. J
  • Hands: Twisting Toyz Italian WWII figures (best sculpted hands ever)
  • Shinobi shizoku: Ignite white ninja outfit, RIT dyed Pearl Grey
  • Weapons: Mononofu katana, kunai adapted from a 21st Century Toys WWII British SAS ‘smatchet’