Shinobi-based ‘Sugoroku’ game

Have owned this “sugoroku” illustrated game board for years but am finally discovering the actual nature of it.

Click the image for a new page, then click that image for a huge-ass scan of this. Details below as well.

Essentially a Japanese version of Chutes and Ladders, these thin paper game boards have been produced for centuries in one form or another (read here about an older version of the game based on backgammon and made illegal twice in Japanese history).

I’ve seen several based on chambara, tokusatsu and boys adventure anime, but this one is a melting pot of various ninja properties – or is at least meant to EVOKE those properties. Yeah, I’m thinking characters owned by multiple studios or TV networks appearing on one product means unlicensed…

Man, some of this art is just precious. Without being able to read the captions, I’m seeing illos that are certainly meant to be Masked Ninja Akakage and Kagemaru of Iga there, and a villain that could be a skull shocker from Lion Maru or a shinobi-fied Golden Bat.

Translations anyone?

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  1. Andrei

    Thanks a lot for this scan. About the rules I can say that you play with 6-dice. The number you throw doesn’t show how many spaces you move, other mechanics involved. At any picture you see dice: below there’s a number of a picture you must go at. Your goal is to reach the center picture. The rules are fairly simple. But you should possess kanji and kana to read what to do.

  2. Andrei

    For example, if you are on the Picture 9 and throw 4, you have to return to the beginning: furidashi e modoru. The Picture 4 – throwing 3 means you pass your turn. The Picture 11 – throw 4 and you have to return to Picture 5. The Picture 12 – throw 1 and you go directly to the goal to win the game. And so on.

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