Nice big pub images from SHOGUN ASSASSIN

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Once again I point thee towards the excellent Wrong Side of the Art, today for nice big scans of the poster and some publicity stills from Shogun Assassin.

Now, a lot of hardcore Kozure Okami fans HATE this 1980 composite of the initial two films of the series, complaining about it’s dubbed script and Moog synth score, but those are two of the very things I LOVE about what was a major building block in my adoration of foreign ninja films and chambara cinema in general.

Remember, this thing actually played in grindhouse theaters and werewolf circuit drive-ins before anyone had VCRs, and once we all had those it was a rental juggernaut. Then we learned there were six original films out there somewhere, and did we want them! By the late 90’s, guys inspired by SA back in the day were now making the corporate decisions to import the originals for DVD. Love it or hate it, no one can deny how significant a SEED movie SA was…

Today, you can own multiple versions of each film in superb quality, and thanks to Dark Horse can read the entire manga run that started it all. Life is good! Now quit being a bunch of Shogun Assassin haters…

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