Another look: SENGOKU YARO

Couple weeks ago I was poking around with some B&W print ads using imagery from my Thai press kit collection – converting the decaying colors into more contrasty greyscale, exploring new crops, bringing out the grain and textures of the paper more, etc.

The results turn out to be a pretty interesting second look at some of the first stuff I ever did on VN, so I thought I’d share. This first batch is from Sengoku Yaro (Warring Clans), the color originals of which were featured back in June of 2009.

These particular exercises were in COMPOSITION.

The original full frame - a decent action shot, but lacks a real focus. You can, however...
...break this scene down in two different ways - one centering on actor Yuzo Kayama, the other...
...on the non-descript ninja he's about to dispatch. A whole different context.
The composition of this Yuriko Hoshi challenge pose is already great, but once again composition can hone in and change contexts.
This detail is actually a nifty little image on its own.
And this crop lets you see more of the hottie starlet, while still conveying the notion she's surrounded but defiant.

I also worked on some familiar images from Castle of Owls, Red Shadow and The Black Hood, all coming up over the course of the week.