Awesome ninja from OZ… again!

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Ukido Ninja Warriors is a nice new line of well-researched and superbly executed ninja collectibles distributed out of Australia. Pictured here is the assortment of 3.5″ figures, but the same designs are available as keychains, and imprinted on wallets, journals and bags.

The figures are halfway between vinyl boutique fare and ancient Japanese wooden folkdolls. GREAT paint jobs and designs allow a simple mold to represent all sorts of different personalities and costume styles. Love these…

There are a couple of sellers on eBay with these right now, starting around $15 AUD. Really hoping they get distro in North America somewhere…

  1. ShinobiWolf

    These are simply brilliant!! I can’t believe my eyes, I just wish I had more extra cash to spend these days. Thank You for the heads up, I love all the recent entries, it’s been a while since I stopped in, I need to fix that pronto!


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