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Two of my favorite kung-fu-based ninja-sploitation flicks are the Taiwan via Hong Kong oddities Deadly Life of a Ninja and Challenge of the Lady Ninja, both featuring the delightful Elsa Yeung.

Challenge-Lady-Ninja_2 Challenge-Lady-Ninja_3

While Deadly Life features a bizarre pro-wrestling element that will always chime with my DNA, Lady is probably the “better” of the two, if such a term is appropriate.


While a bit less fleshy, it’s perhaps more bat-shit crazy with the outre female “martial arts training” (aka mud wrestling and sexy aerobics) and in particular the weird gimmick villains.


Challenge-Lady-Ninja_5 Challenge-Lady-Ninja_7

Typical of her films, Elsa is put through the ringer with torturous training, fights against multiple male opponents, and all sorts of wacky kunoichi seduction business.

Challenge-Lady-Ninja_8 Challenge-Lady-Ninja_9

Here’s the inside of the brochure, with bilingual summaries:



Yeah, I’m thinking that pic is of one of Elsa’s myriad male stunt doubles… from “Igay School.”


I just adore (in all the wrong ways) the fact that Lady is period-set during the Japanese occupation of Shanghai, yet makes ZERO attempt at fealty to that era. Modern cars and interiors abound, nevermind the over-the-top 80’s fashions and big hair. Evidently Shanghai had a mall with a Chess King back in the 1940s!

Challenge of the Lady Ninja was a staple of cheap VHS at the tail end of the 80s craze, and has also been released in various formats and countries as Never Kiss A Ninja and the completely misleading Chinese Super Ninjas II. As much as a dig this flick, it’s NO sequel to Five Element Ninjas.


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    É muito difícil achar informações sobre ela. Queria saber mais sobre a vida dela.