IGA NO KAGEMARU laserdisc inserts: Part 1

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Inspired by Shonen King‘s excellent work over at Black Sun, here’s some of the stills from the inserts of Toho’s Iga no Kagemaru laserdisc:

One thing I love about this movie is Hiroki Matsukata's wardrobe, namely the floppy hood - unique to this film entirely. It was designed to reflect the stylized hood drawn by Yokoyama in the manga.
Shingo Yamashiro may have been too handsome to be the film's boss villain.

This weird collage of a live-action still and a drawing from the manga is actually inserted into the movie. Some weird editing tricks and illustrations pop up, especially at the baffling climax of the film.

More coming tomorrow. In the meantime, buy the really fun 1963 film at Kurotokagi.