Great KAGEMARU stuff, too!

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See, I get busy with day jobs, tax prep and real life shit, and all these other sites start kicking my ass…

I just love the Black Sun blog, but he’s above and beyond awesome this week with a great look at the multi-media sensation Kagemaru of Iga!

Good god do I need whatever that puppet version of the Yokoyama shinobi-hero is in my life!

We’ve got some modest entries on this prolific mega-property here, here, here and here, but now I fell the impetus to put some more stuff up. To the scanner!

Stay tuned kage-maniacs…

  1. Shonen King

    Thanks for the props brother!!! That’s very cool of you. Trust me I know how chaotic it can be to gather info for a quality post each week. That one was actually a request. For me “Vintage Ninja” is the only ninja site that matters. I absolutely love it!!!