Ninja Blowing Gun???

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Don’t know if this is old stock, a warehouse find, or new print runs, but has all sorts of old 80’s ninja posters for sale, and CHEAP!



I got these two CLASSICS for Christmas, 1983 I think… I still have them, too! I absolutely love that these Kosugi posters are still available somewhere. That jump kick pose was bitten by movie posters, VHS clamshells, toy packages and more, endlessly, and you still see it once in a while…


But I never had this one… Man, if I had ANY wall space, I’d be on this like a bad smell.


And where has this Henry Sanada poster from Ninja in the Dragon’s Den been all my life???

Most of these are 24×36″, probably on cheap gloss – like they should be – and retail for less than FIVE BUCKS!

I’ve never ordered from, and the site seems a bit dodgy (parts of it possibly not updated since 2004) so who knows… I may place a test order to see what comes through. Will keep y’all posted.