Select Merchandise ninja cardback art

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They might just be the most coveted line of 80s ninja toys clinging to the edges of obscurity, sought after by elite ninja super-collectors worldwide.¬†(translated: a half-dozen or so of us really competing for these on eBay). We first featured the Select Merchandise Ninja Assassin and Ninja Defender assortments of incognito shinobi in October of 2009. Since then I’ve been able to score exactly BUPKIS, save for a blister card back. These puppies are just out of my price range now…

Reaper, the fanged skull monster, has a kama appropriately enough, but I never noticed the machine pistols for the robotic Terminator and spider-themed pincer. Cheating, isn’t it?

I’m officially adopting the name “Rotund San.”

The human good guys (borrr-rrring) have costuming right out of a Godfrey Ho Hong Kong flick. So lame compared to tiger-striped ninja wolf men…

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