Shinobi blogs abound!

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Want to congratulate Wildgrounds for what turned out to be a J-Cinema blogathon of extraordinary magnitude! Couple of good ninja bits in the mix, some great poster art and phenomenal articles covering a wide array of Japanese cinema past and present. It wraps up today, check out the index for anything you might have missed.

Turns out a whole pile of ninja movie reviews is concurrently running over at Steve Miller‘s Cinema Steve. Well done sir…

“Real life” is getting in the way a bit this week, but I’ll be back with new stuff here by the weekend, so stay tuned.

Probably going to switch things up in the near future, too, and spend a bit on Chinese and Hong Kong ninja flicks. Some attention to the woefully neglected Martial Arts and History category coming soon as well.

Thanks to all of VN’s established readers and welcome to anyone new from the Blogathon network. The world of old ninja stuff awaits!