So where do YOU store your ninja wares?

Y’know what’s awesome about publishing this site? Having readers that go by monikers like “The Silent Cutter.”

Check out this video he sent of some mat cutting, but mostly be like me – JEALOUS AS FUCK – of the fantastic sectional couch weapons cache at the beginning!

This guy adds a smoke machine, some under-lighting and a synth theme song to this set-up, and he’s BIG TIME.

Kosugi's cache in REVENGE OF THE NINJA inspired us all.

For the curious, the sword he’s using is by a manufacturer called Hung Shing True Sharp, and the some of the other gear is by an excellent Detroit-based weaponsmith you can find on Facebook under Iga Tengu.

And next up, Ninja: The Mission Force!

Halfway through this really funny trailer to Dark Maze Studios homage to everything IFD you’ll see the equally jealousy-inspiring hollow boombox weapons cache! This makes me outright furious I didn’t think of it first, and in 1982.

Stupid punk kid, put down the ColecoVision and get to damn work…

Many thanks to the Golden Ninja Warrior Chronicles for the heads-up on this new project.

  1. Meagan

    Hehe, thanks for the praise! The hollow boombox was Ed’s idea. It was actually a requirement of his before I wrote the series. And a damn good requirement too. I wish I’d thought of it…

    We’re up to episode three now, love to know if vintageninja approves of the series 🙂