Some film posters on a Friday

Let’s look at some quirky foreign movie posters, testament to the global nature of the 80’s craze.

Painted poster (later the VHS box art) to the Tadashi Yamashita vehicle THE SHINOBI NINJA, easily the most redundant title of the 80's. It's a Japan/Hong Kong co-pro, but that painting is of a very American ninja suit, right out of your average Karate Depot. Anyone know what language this is or market it's for? Polish? Pakistani?
BARBARELLA 2? LADY BEASTMASTER? No, it's not some Michael Ironside vs. the Amazonian Excalibur mash-up either. It's simply an oversexed Italian poster for NINJA III: THE DOMINATION!
My guess is THE FLYING BOY is a Korean version of the 'Watari' or 'Sarutobei Sasuke' sort of adult-killing boy heroes. Would love to see this weirdness...
Also going to guess that these shinobi-fied ladies aren't actually in this film, and that rather than a genuine 3-D spectacle, it's a run of the mill Hong Kong kung-fu flick from the 70's. Awesome poster art though.
Meanwhile in Japan, the rebooted KAMUI hits anime. Love the weird dimensions of this piece, great layout.

Coming in the next day or so, more weird movie posters, this time featuring illustrations and paintings of Sho Kosugi (regardless of wether or not he was actually in the film).

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  1. daitora

    the poster of movie with yamashita is in language serbian