Support The Ninjaplex, and my new book!

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I don’t normally shill on this site, but both myself and VN’s shadow-spiritual advisor Tim March have announced side projects in the past week that could use the bandwidth, so deal with it!

First off, I’m ringing the bell to garner support for Tim’s new dojo space:


Want to support a project that teaches kids the most positive aspects of martial arts, combines performance arts with martial arts and will serve as an event space for creative types, musicians, performers and general weirdos in the the Greenville, SC area? Then click here for the GoFundMe campaign for The Ninjaplex. I love any martial arts training center that hybrids with something decidedly non-martial arts oriented — be it martial arts and dance, martial arts and stunt work, martial arts and calligraphy, whatever…  It vastly expands the spiritual experience of the trainee, exposes the faithful of both pursuits to the possibilities of the others’ passion, and can genuinely provide hybrid training that opens doors on unexpected career opportunities.

The GoFundMe campaign is based solely on the rental and renovation of an industrial space, rescuing it from its decidedly un-colorful state and giving it a colorful new life. The world needs more efforts like this, so let’s all throw a few bucks their way… every little bit helps.

Speaking of other charitable causes — COUGH! — in my spare time I’m an indie book publisher. OK, stop, put the canned goods and first aid relief packages away, it’s not that bad…

Over at my other hooded passion in life — the Mexican masked wrestler-based imprint From Parts Unknown — I’ve announced a new fiction novella coming from the superb writer Matt Wallace (you may remember him from his great write-up on the American Ninja sequels from a few years back). Rencor: Life in Grudge City is a four-fisted tag-team adventure that reads a lot like an old Starsky and Hutch episode or the movie 48 Hours, but the reluctant partners in question are luchadores, and they HATE each other! And then the mummies attack…

Matt’s write up on the project is a lot more readable than my ramblings, so check it out here.

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