The Holy Grail of ninja statues

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In 1990 (about a half a decade too late) The Franklin Mint produced this rather striking 12″ porcelain statue entitled “The Shadow Warrior” sculpted by Sum Nakamura. It is rare as hell now and sells for unreasonable prices on the seldom occasions it does surface on evil-Bay.

I got mine relatively cheap due to the broken hand, missing the pinky. I like to think of him as a moonlighting Yakuza with one strike against him…

The design here was clearly inspired by costuming from Revenge of the Ninja and American Ninja, but still embodies a certain Japanese sensibility.

The Franklin Mint also produced this obscenely expensive garish ninja sword.

This thing was ONE-HUNDRED-PERCENT the cheeeesiest shinobi-oriented collectible EVER produced. Period. You too could be the envy of every late-night knife show host on QVC!

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  1. Richard

    I have a Shadow Warrior statue for sale. I’ve no idea how much its worth. Can anybody email me back and give me an estimate. it has its index finger missing. Apart from that its in excellent condition.

  2. krainville

    I’ve seen them go for $125 and $145 MINT with the wood bases. The one I’ve pictured was less than $50 because of the fingers…

  3. ewen

    i have a shadow warrior with is index finger an in excellent condition with paper work an base . in english money how much do you think it is worth.

  4. Gronz

    I would be interested in buying one (Frankilin Mint Ninja) if the price was right. I could not see the one which Scooby has mentioned.


  5. 11missy25

    I have a shadow warrior for sale. Excellent condition but un boxed. This is a rare Franklin Mint Hand Painted Porcelain figurine by Sum Nakamura.

    I have also got a Samurai warrior for sale. Again excellent condition but unboxed. This again is a rare Franklin Mint Hand Painted Porcelain figurine by Sum Nakamura.

    Sensible Offers Considered.

    Worldwide delivery or Shipping

  6. Brett Hernandez

    I have a 30 yr old samurai warrior Franklin Mint in perfect condition anyone interested

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