Unknown Hoods – Part 1

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I have three antique sepia-toned photos from Japan featuring ninja and hooded heroes that neither I nor the sellers I liberated them from can identify. Anyone who helps me out will get a giant toad’s worth of gratitude from both me and the shinobifile community at large.

Here’s mystery photo #1:

The seller identified this as being from a 1953 version of Castle of Owls, but that just doesn’t jibe. The Ryotaro Shiba novel Fukuro no Shiro wasn’t written until ’59, and I believe the 1963 classic was the first time it was adapted. Maybe I’m full of it though…

Here’s a close-up of the stars. Anyone? Anyone???

Two more pics coming in the next two days.

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  1. ShinobiShaw

    Alright fellow Ninjanese,here is the answer……wait for it……Sarutobi Sasuke Senjogadake no Himatsuri ! A Daiei production from 1950 and starring Fujita Susumu as the Ninja in the light grey outfit.The name of the bad guy in black escapes me but he is in quite alot of chambara.This picture above is clearly a posed shot ,as the struggle for the “purse” with the secret document inside happens after they both drop from the castle roof top and onto the castle grounds.Any of you can purchase this from “kurotokagi-gumi” from section JO601 of page 5 from his non-subtitled lists! Enjoy!!

  2. krainville

    THANKS soooooo much for the home run reply on this man! Heading over to CK’s right now to order this gem!