Unknown Hoods – Part 3

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I have three antique sepia-toned photos from Japan featuring ninja and hooded heroes that neither I nor the sellers I liberated them from can identify. Anyone who helps me out will get a giant toad’s worth of gratitude from both me and the shinobifile community at large.

Here’s mystery photo #3:

Aren’t they just adorable…

This studio press pic actually has markings, unlike the previous two:

The seller translated this is “Shin Tokudaiji (actor) and Kizuru Takachio – movie name ‘Fu-un Hachiman-Ki’ 1953.” But I’d like a second opinion if anyone has a translation to offer…

  1. ShinobiShaw

    My Japanese lady friend from work tells me that the above Japanese title for this Toei film is correct and that it means, roughly translated,….”The Windcloud horde (or army) of 80,000″!! Also,the name of the female actress should be Hizuru Takachiho.This film title is NOT listed on the imdb site,but both actors’ names and filmographies come up! Oh well.