What I’m thankful for today…

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There are some VN specific things I’m thankful for, and one involves you all, so I thought I’d share.

I, Keith J. Rainville, proprietor of this here Vintage Ninja website, am thankful for…

…our expanding audience. We’ve had a ton of new traffic in the past two months, and according to the stats, plenty of you are spending time digging through the category archives, too. I love you all!

…that we live in an electronics enhanced world were niche geeks can really connect. Seriously, how many people out of the 7 Billion or so on this earth are ninja movie fans enough to search out info and imagery on the web? Now of those, how many are fans of the VINTAGE variety? We gotta have probably the best trafficked ninja pop culture site anywhere that isn’t about Naruto, burgers or comedic advice.

…that I have 300-500 people a month looking at Vintage Ninja… IN JAPAN! Japan!!! Wow. Aren’t there better ninja film sites over there? Isn’t this stuff old hat? I love that I rate some traffic from the birthplace of it all.

…that  I am the age that I am. Increasingly sore knees and grey hairs in my goatee aside, I was a kid during the Bruce Lee boom and a teenager during the ninja craze. I’ve gone from combing the TV Guide in the days before VCRs for broadcasts of Kung-Fu reruns to paying small fortunes for soft and inky VHS bootlegs, then on to DVDs and fan-subbed DVDr, and here we go into download and streamsville. Having been a hunter during times when import media was truly rare and exotic makes being a fan in this new age of myriad globally prolific multi-media pretty f’n amazing. Don’t take it all for granted you kids!

…that during a purge of possessions before cross-country move in the early 90’s, against the need at the time to really shed as much stuff as I could, I decided to hold on to my big stack of Ninja and Black Belts, a tube of worn-out posters, and my chest of weapons from the 80’s craze. Years later, I busted that stuff out of storage and man alive if it didn’t bring back a wave of nostalgia that was the birth of this effort.

…and finally, for being able to pick up a phone and still have a two hour conversation about martial arts and ninja flicks with one of my best and oldest friends. Hapy Thanksgiving Tim, have some good bird on the east coast!

Alright peeps, back to your bloated guts and football games. I’ll try to throw something new up this weekend.


2 Responses

  1. Golden Ninja Warrior

    Hello! I am one of those 500 regular visitors. Vintage Ninja is, with no doubts, the very best site dedicated to Ninja matters. Everytime I see in my Golden ninja warrior chronicles your updates I run quickly to amaze myself here.

    Thanks to you for this site!

  2. Redmao

    I found this site a few weeks ago and I’m hooked.
    I just can get enough and this is the place to feed my constant needs for ninja info.

    Thanks to your reviews I got some nice 60’s movies to add to my collection.

    Keep up the good work!