Feudal Phibes?

Found this crazy image on tumblr and was immediately struck by similarities to one of my favorite pieces of movie marketing ever:

This publicity still from The Abominable Dr. Phibesand if you’ve never seen this 1971 Vincent Price classic do so NOW NOW NOW – is just beyond great. The mix of 30s fashion and modern creature make-up, the notion of a girl and the monster she loves. Shucks…

But maybe it was inspired by a much older piece of Japanese art? Or not…

Now in proper tumblr fashion, no credit to the artist was given and no source of the image cited, so I don’t know a thing about. Yay “freedom of information.”

But at least you can take a gander at more uses of the famous monster smooch over at Wrong Side of the Art.

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Posted in Film and TV 3 years, 2 months ago at 1:31 am.

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  1. The Japanese art is from Takato Yamamoto (1999) titled “Night of the Scarlet Moon”.

    Thanks to you, I enjoyed watching the movie.

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