Feudal Phibes?

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Found this crazy image on tumblr and was immediately struck by similarities to one of my favorite pieces of movie marketing ever:

This publicity still from The Abominable Dr. Phibesand if you’ve never seen this 1971 Vincent Price classic do so NOW NOW NOW – is just beyond great. The mix of 30s fashion and modern creature make-up, the notion of a girl and the monster she loves. Shucks…

But maybe it was inspired by a much older piece of Japanese art? Or not…

Now in proper tumblr fashion, no credit to the artist was given and no source of the image cited, so I don’t know a thing about. Yay “freedom of information.”

But at least you can take a gander at more uses of the famous monster smooch over at Wrong Side of the Art.

  1. Jo

    The Japanese art is from Takato Yamamoto (1999) titled “Night of the Scarlet Moon”.

    Thanks to you, I enjoyed watching the movie.