The chrome demon!

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How many times did I watch Revenge of the Ninja on HBO during the ascension of the ninja craze? Sixteen? A million? Seemed like a week didn’t pass without it being on the TV…

Sho Kosugi made a smart call in giving Virgil Frye Arthur Roberts‘s character a silver oni mask – it allowed him to double Frye for all his solo fight scenes, and a stunt man to easily stand in for the others (plus this pyro bit at film’s end). Alas, such hi-tech trickery did the villain little good, as Kosugi’s definitive ninja-in-the-USA hero hits the sweet spot with a knife and causes one of the most memorable gratuitous gore scenes in 80’s exploitation history!




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  1. Steve Sloan

    This is Arthur Roberts. For some reason Google has messed up the names. Virgil, was actor who played Lt Dime , the detective in the film

  2. Anonymous

    Great catch Steve, always grateful with help getting proper info out there. Thanks.

  3. I want a chrome mask. Where do you find one?

  4. Don’t know of anyone producing them, but there are demon-themed paintball masks on eBay you could pay to have electroplated in chrome finish…

  5. Steve Sloan

    I read some time back that the chrome mask used in the film, along with other props is on display in California at the Martial Arts museum.

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