The chrome demon!

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How many times did I watch Revenge of the Ninja on HBO during the ascension of the ninja craze? Sixteen? A million? Seemed like a week didn’t pass without it being on the TV…

Sho Kosugi made a smart call in giving Virgil Frye Arthur Roberts‘s character a silver oni mask – it allowed him to double Frye for all his solo fight scenes, and a stunt man to easily stand in for the others (plus this pyro bit at film’s end). Alas, such hi-tech trickery did the villain little good, as Kosugi’s definitive ninja-in-the-USA hero hits the sweet spot with a knife and causes one of the most memorable gratuitous gore scenes in 80’s exploitation history!




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  1. Steve Sloan

    This is Arthur Roberts. For some reason Google has messed up the names. Virgil, was actor who played Lt Dime , the detective in the film

  2. Anonymous

    Great catch Steve, always grateful with help getting proper info out there. Thanks.

  3. Keith Rainville

    Don’t know of anyone producing them, but there are demon-themed paintball masks on eBay you could pay to have electroplated in chrome finish…

  4. Steve Sloan

    I read some time back that the chrome mask used in the film, along with other props is on display in California at the Martial Arts museum.