Some choice 80’s toy crap here, folks! These Mighty Ninja 2.5″ figurines were actually knock-offs of the already somewhat knock-off-ish Ninja Warriors: Enemies of Evil line that somehow oozed out of Hasbro late in the craze era.

Sadly, the Chinese manufacturer picked some of the worst designs of that line to shrink and remold. All the Medieval European-looking figures made the cut, while the more stock-in-trade masked ninja didn’t.

Especially frustrating seeing the pretty damn nice package art promises the back-clad assassins we were all looking for.

But hey, at least they’re “Martial Posted!”

More generics…

These showed up on eBay recently. LOVE that knock-0ff illo of karate champ Joe Lewis (Jaguar Lives, Force Five) on the package.

Oh for the days of He-Man recast bodies on figures so vaguely and poorly designed they could be kung-fu expert and/or pro-wrestler with a mere change in card art.

80s punching puppet

During the 80s craze, there were tons of generic ninja toys positively INFESTING grocery stores, souvenir shacks, flea markets, blanket vendors outside subway stations, etc. You had to rake the stuff off your lawn in the Fall it was so omnipresent.

How EVERYWHERE were these punching puppets back in the day?

But it’s the cheap, non-branded, often knock-off stuff that tends not to survive into subsequent decades. No one socked these away back then like they did Star Wars figures, so collecting the stuff 30 years later can be challenging.

Another generic 80’s ninja

Manufacturer: UNKNOWN

Date of Production: UNKNOWN

Lone Marking: “CHINA”

Gotta think he came with a few gold-colored plastic weapons of ludicrous design and scale, and possibly a cloth cape, plastic parachute or some other type of trendy 80’s mode of transport like a crotch rocket or hang glider.

I love these random, unlicensed ninja toys from the 80’s craze. This particular 4″ jointed figure isn’t a relic from from my developmentally-stunted early teens, but it might as well have been.