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Some choice 80’s toy crap here, folks! These Mighty Ninja 2.5″ figurines were actually knock-offs of the already somewhat knock-off-ish Ninja Warriors: Enemies of Evil line that somehow oozed out of Hasbro late in the craze era.

Sadly, the Chinese manufacturer picked some of the worst designs of that line to shrink and remold. All the Medieval European-looking figures made the cut, while the more stock-in-trade masked ninja didn’t.

Especially frustrating seeing the pretty damn nice package art promises the back-clad assassins we were all looking for.

But hey, at least they’re “Martial Posted!”

  1. David

    I remember these! Came in black, blue and grey IIRC. In my memory they were sold here in Belgium without the packaging, just the loose figurines. I may have a handful of these buried in the attic somewhere 🙂