OCTAGON press stills

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Bought some press glossies from The Octagon blind, with the promise there was a lot of ‘the big red and blue ninja guy’ in them.


Richard Norton‘s “Kyo the Enforcer” was perhaps my single favorite ninja in an 80s American film (and if you give a crap, Tadashi Yamashita’s “Black Star Ninja” from American Ninja and Sho Kosugi’s “Cho Osaki” from Revenge of the Ninja¬†are runners up).

Some nice action stills from the epic duel:

I knew there was one of rogue merc Carol Bagdasarian in there, and I held out unrealistic hope it would be the side-boob scene we all grew up appreciating over and over again on cable, but alas…

  1. Andrew

    Just wanted to comment that your site is fantastic and I really appreciate your passion. I agree the Octagon’s Kyo was a great 80’s Ninja but more for his look then his actions, would like to have seen him on a stealth mission or something. My top three are:
    1. Ninja III Opening scene Ninja in the dark green/tan suit taking on police in Phoenix-perhaps my favourite scene ever. Not sure his name but I think Mike Stone did his stunts.
    2. Tadashi Yamshita- black star ninja from American Ninja 1. quote: “he possess great skills”
    3. Cho in Revenge-of course!

    Finally I just wanted to add that I think I saw pictures from the made for TV “Last Ninja” movie and you commented you had not seen it. Well I think you would really like it for its vintage 80’s appeal. It is available online for download-I found it and re-watched it not long ago. Cheers and keep it up! ps: my favorite part of your site is probably the vintage magazine ad’s for AWMA and stuff that burned into my brain as a kid in the 80’s! Those pictures trigger some good memories! Thanks!