A great collection of ninjutsu books

I highly recommend browsing the cover collections and article reprints hosted by Robert C. Gruzanski on a memorial site to his father, renowned knife thrower and author of Ninja Weapons: Chain and ShurikenCharles Vincent Gruzanski. Charles Gruzanski trained with a who’s who of Japanese ninjutsu and exotic weapons experts decades before it was cool. Take a minute to read of his fascinating martial arts career while you’re there.

Some terrific graphic design and illustration in these book covers!

Ninja to Ninjutsu

Ninpo Kaiden Jo

Ninjutsu-no rekishi

ninja book1

Hiden Ninja no Hon

Togakure Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu

Ninjutsu Hoten

I have an early edition (1974) of Gruzanski’s 1968 book Spike and Chain: Japanese Fighting Arts. The simple Manrikigusari is such an amazing weapon, but it’s criminally under-used in ninja films. I think you could make a pretty fantastic flick with a hero who uses nothing but a 3-foot weighted chain…

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