KAMUI film trailer #2 – ninja vs shark!

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New Kamui “live action” trailer released today! I put live action in quotes because it’s going to take A LOT of CGI to pull-off the “Island of Sugaru” shark hunter stoyline they’ve adapted… Concerned but optimistic. Big digital-heavy ninja property relaunches haven’t exactly been home runs in the past decade.¬†Owl’s Castle and Red Shadow‘s low moments were unnecessary FX sequences. Shinobi-no-mono proved 40 years ago that ninja films are strongest when they are grounded in reality and deliver on the solid martial arts more than the bells and whistles. Hopefully a lesson not totally forgotten.

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  1. Daeva

    I don’t like the use of CG too, but it’s also true that the whole “Shark-killers” thing was memorable, and we’re all expecting some shark slaying, which of course can’t be made for real (and using props would look ridiculous Dx)–

    I’m really looking forward to this movie and I hope that it’ll be subbed soon– The fact that Ken’ichi “Pretty Boy” Matsuyama works there should help.

    And thenm, I’m really happy that they chose such a hot actor to play Fudo– I’ve always had a crush on the character *_*

  2. RG

    “Goemon” takes CGI to good use. It’s a spectacular ride.