A phenomenal vintage weaponry collection

Love vintage mail-order weaponry and training gear from the 80’s ninja craze?

Want to completely lose your shit?

Then click on this link and read the short article LOFT TREASURES AND YOUTHFUL MEMORIES: MY BROTHER & I WERE NINJA WARRIORS from the U.K. sharp-pointee collector’s site Weaponology! Click on the pics, they blow up HUGE. Go ahead, I’ll wait…


OK, you back?

I mean, man oh man oh man that collection. So much vintage ninja drooling going on here. That FAN!!! And it’s a Kosugi Kick, too.

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I’ll also take this moment to plug another super valuable resource for craze-era material — MA-Mags.com. It’s a huge database of titles, cover scans and publication dates of most every English-language martial arts periodical ever, including tons of 80s ninja goodness.

Do you have a vintage spread like this? Or even modern equivalents inspired by the 80s craze era? We’d love to see some reader submissions of collection photos. Drop a line to unknownpubs@yahoo.com.

A spread of VN’s inventory of mostly stage-quality props and ‘made-safe’ weapons spanning three decades of repurposed merch and tool-bench kit-bashing.