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Little known fact – American Ninja is the only 80s boom film to have properly licensed mass-produced merchandise.

These grocery store / pharmacy register tchotchkes were obviously for kids, despite being branded with the an R-rated film’s imagery. A “two-penny-toy” manufacturer called Fleetwood produced these in 1985, along with a blowgun target set and a Masters of the Universe-scale generic ninja figure with similar card art.

Interesting that they carry the logo of the decidedly non-kid-friendly film studio Cannon, meaning Fleetwood actually paid to use the American Ninja monicker. Can’t think that they sold any more of the these than they would have by saving those fees and going with simple generic ninja art.


I dig the sketchy brush art used on the decals of the rubber suction shuriken. The hollow cheap plastic knife was molded off a popular piece of training equipment common to dojos in heavy rubber form.


This rubber stamp set shows more of the above art, influenced by both Enter the Ninja and GI Joe‘s Storm Shadow I imagine.

AmericanNinja-RackToy_2 AmericanNinja-RackToy_3 AmericanNinja-RackToy_4

Think they paid Michael Dudikoff anything for his name and likeness?

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  1. Joe Armstrong

    I LOVE THESE! American Ninja is one of my all-time favorite movies, and I have collected as much memorabilia from the film as I could find.

    The action figure is beyond rare. I’d love to know just how long these were in stores for.

    Thanks for posting this.

  2. Joe Armstrong

    Did you know there was also a Halloween mask in the set? I had no idea! It’s on eBay now.

  3. Phil Rendon

    Yes I just bought the mask and I own the moc figure.