Navarro Ninja

So I was having dinner with my pal, the uber-talented Rafael Navarro, and we were musing on what a ninja would look like if drawn by the legendary Jack Kirby. He whipped this off on a napkin, and seeing as I was footing the bill, I swiped it for myself!


Love those Kirby-esque square fingers!


This inspired Raf to spend a night rendering some better-realized shinobi more in his own style in a proper sketchbook, and here they are — A VINTAGE NINJA EXCLUSIVE!

Navarro-Ninja_3 Navarro-Ninja_4 Navarro-Ninja_5

Watercolor brush pens and a rough-tooth paper stock make for some beautifully expressive lines here. Love these, but I especially adore this dynamic dropping sequence ending in the requisite 3-point landing!

Navarro-Ninja_6 Navarro-Ninja_7 Navarro-Ninja_8

Raf has been a go-to illustrator for me for seemingly forever. A few years back I collected ten years of Mexican wrestler art he did for my magazine and books over at FPU in a nifty tome called Lucha Noir: The Complete Rafael Navarro in From Parts Unknown.

Score a copy here.

4 Responses

  1. Kevin

    Awesome! Napkin sketches are always the best sketches.

  2. Redmao

    That’s some awesome art.
    The action sequence is amazing.