ARASHI 7″ vinyl

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I love the somewhat goofy Henshin Ninja Arashi and I love this cheap 7″ semi-articulated vinyl figure too. Bandai produced this in 2005, and it sold for $10-14. I dig this size and price range of collectible – one only has so much space and funds…

I also admire the simplicity of the sculpt, and the fealty to the TV show suit – there are folds and seams, it looks like an actor in a costume. Modern toys can go overboard on the reinterpretations and EXTREME-ness of figures, almost like trying to apologize for their 70s Saturday morning roots (ala this 2009 re-imagining), but this retro piece is just perfect.

Not that I wouldn’t collect the vintage stuff, especially the monster baddies, but I’d run out of organs to sell real quick trying to put together a run like this:

But give me a cheap figure that still captures the essence of the media property, and I’m a happy Transforming Ninja nerd.



  1. Bohachi

    These are really great. Funny thing is I have a much easier time finding toys from Henshin Ninja Arashi than the actual series. Where would I find such a thing? I have 3 episodes and a 20 minute or so movie. What little I have seen of it, Henshin Ninja Arashi is my favorite tokusatsu show! I need to see it all!