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Temple of the Blue Dragon has a ton of video game concept art, martial arts ephemera and high-kicking comic-book heroes:

There’s always something good, genre-related or otherwise, at Tiger Roll:

The Shinobi-Ya online store in Japan is now selling internationally on eBay as the Samurai-Japan Store. These folk have superb rubber training/movie prop shuriken.

Great to see new monster stuff up on Black Sun!

For absolutely no on-topic reason whatsoever, the cosplay of YaYa Han:

And finally, an oldie but a goodie – Slate’s 2007 State of the Ninja – a take on how cheesy ninja have been portrayed in post-craze kid’s movies and Naruto‘s value in turning thing’s around.

  1. RG

    Cybernetic rat-dragon firing missiles from his ass aside, so what do you think about the recent Mortal Kombat stuff? I really wonder, you know 🙂